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Our goal - automate business around the world, making it more autonomous, efficient and profitable.

Saprit Team architects of online projects — web developers and integrators of CRM’s all rolled into one. You don’t need to look for several contractors. We’ll build your business «turnkey» without your constant control.

Since 2006, we have launched, maintained, automated and supported online business projects. During this time, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for 320 clients, successfully implementing more than 650 projects for them. We not only create new projects, but also support existing ones!

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CRM implementation 

Our company offer to implement CRM to any enterprise based on your marketing requirements. We find comprehensive solutions to your enterprise by setting the appropriate CRM for your business. Implementing CRM to the enterprise means effectively automating your business operation by adjusting necessitated features to your business to neatly organising workflow, which will gain more profits. CRM implementation might be different depending on business vision and priorities, and for this reason, CRM implementation offered functions and features that are autonomous and flexible. Implementation of CRM covers the most vital asset to any business to any industry is its database and sales force and marketing experts actively engaged in processing this data to familiarise with their customers purchasing behaviours. Collecting information about sales operations is extremely important to evaluate the past sales traffic and current to predict the forthcoming feature. Using CRM defines your sales process to point out all your company’s ups and downs during the trading time and automates many manual, repetitive assignments by providing extra time for your team members. Modifying CRM is cost-effective, industry-specific and also has mobile application versions. 

CRM Bitrix24 

We will extensively implement Bitrix24 in your business by bringing together all company members under a unified platform. Our skilful team help to automate all your business processes, enhance communication channels with your customers, and provide training and technical support. Bitrix24 implementation much more alleviates your enterprise leading procedures because Bitrix24 permits you to oversee the project, add tasks, delegate and set deadlines. This platform is a virtual office that connects all employees from different parts of the universe into a single ecosystem, enabling them to make audio and video calls, share files, schedule meetings, handling marketing activities.  Enterprise needs Bitrix24 CRM to offer services to communicate with their customers and accelerate trade speed effectively.

With Bitrix24, you are capable of viewing management reports, both across offices and individual operators. Bitrix24 pricing depends on your picked plan, also; for startups program also offers its free plan for up to twelve users. One crucial moment is that prices are not per user but for the Bitrix24 account. Entrepreneurs commonly choose Bitrix24 offered programs to rely on their business scale, the volume of their operated business operations and numbers of users. 


We found business and memorable sites of any complexity for any industry. Our mission to develop a website and make it plain and convenient for the target user. An increasing number of shoppers mostly prefer to order various goods or services online; consequently, more and more business leaders maintain their customers and improve their sales to develop their unique business sites. The development of a website requires conscious effort and high knowledge, but with our team, this process will be quickly and efficiently. We ensure complete transparency in each website development step and apply a very contemporary, fresh design with technical features that make our development admirable and exceptional. We provide digital services for developing individual projects, business card sites, corporal websites, B2B portals, and online stores. Our skilful designers have an imaginative approach to every project, and they crafted design impressed through outstanding customer inclusion and generated significant profits. 


Our passion is to turn your magnificent business ideas into an online operating project with a distinct mission. The grounding reasons for generating individual projects lay the originality and benefits users could not get from other software functionalities. Unique website custom design development suitable for innovators, entrepreneurs and creative agencies who have the intention to create their unusual projects and services. Our talented tech team to develop personal projects put their colossal effort and work with their imaginative approach to generate software with a non-standard structure, design and functionality. We formulated a customised website design that will be unique in its existence in marketing. Such projects allow inventors to think without any frame, limiting their business ideas. Out of the box thinking, a new idea comes true with experienced web developing companies experts.

 Designing a unique web resource will enable you to define yourself from your competitors and produce something new to this society. As a web developing company, we represent substandard website design solutions and set displays correctly on any device your customer uses. We work with customers from all over the globe and provide tech supports. 


We also develop a landing page for our customers to increase their brand’s popularity and generate fast income. If you have a question for a landing page exactly needed for your business, the main idea of a landing page is meaningful, eye-catching content, which calls your customer to buy your product. Our experienced team might create a different type of business card depending on your business demand. In general, business cards contain a few pages; each page represents the interests of a private individual or corporation. Design a landing page is a deciding factor to attract customers attention and turn them into your company’s potential customers. The primary goal of a business card is to exchange contact information for possible cooperation. Usually, small businesses use landing pages to increase their popularity and stimulate clients to buy their presence. In terms of business prospects, landing pages generate fast revenue and draw many clients. In terms of customers, they will inform the value of products or services. 


We comprehend that today’s market’s primary requirement is developing your business site, and the style of corporate websites are constantly modifying. The corporate website is a business platform where enterprises offer their product and accelerate the speed of their sales by automating trading processes. Business sites need to establish a tight relationship with customers and, without human interaction, generated profits. Web pages of your company represent your business competence will affect to attract faithful clients. Corporate websites designs represent the image of your company; for this reason, the design of your business site should include important information about your company. All elements of your site have to be in balance with client-oriented features. Corporate web pages are an online platform for your enterprise that contains information about your services, products and latest updated news. 

Online store

Our Web development company Saprit build an online store for our customers. We produce high-intensive, sensible designs with a simple user interface. Design of your online store to reflect your distinct demands and meet both customers and merchant-friendly requirements. Build your e-commerce sites to attain high success in the e-business field and triple your revenue amount. Online shop is your electronic trading platform and connects enterprises with their possible clients to offer their products to operate the sailing operations. In the globalisation period, e-commerce website development is getting more critical, even becoming in demand. 

Online trading aims to sell a particular type of goods and services, and this type of selling finds its buyers worldwide. E-commerce website development facilitates managing your large number of commodities and a basket to form the order. A convenient content management system enables you to operate with large amounts of data, payment systems and accounting, and autonomously update text and photo materials. The benefit of developing an e-commerce website is numerous; for instance, its automated system allows you to sell your products twenty-four seven and conveniently for your customers to buy when they have suitable time to make purchases. For business owners, e-commerce proposed reports and analytics to inform the past and current sales operations and become better acquainted with their customers. 


Our company creates a B2B portal to make the sales process simple to order all of your products and services in one place, so our experts help your customers browse and purchase at their convenience. We have plenty of experience developing B2B portals to promote sales, let customers protect their payment data, and organise your portal for quick reordering. Design a functional and convenient marketplace for trading your products in considerable quantities to partners. Only a highly evolved, well-designed modern technology-based B2B website enables you to support your business’s growth. B2B portals serve as an operational online store, e-commerce platform, corporate network, or interactive catalogue outlet. 

B2B website design development is as vital as its functionality to draw as many customers and stimulate sales speeds. For businesses and suppliers, the B2B website acts as a representative office and an online shop where you can set your goods for sale, find partners and buyers. B2B helps make deals, manage the balance, payment schedule, and delivery times. This portal integrates with other external platforms or websites and integrates with internal accounting systems such as ERP and CRM. Integration function permits enlarging the functionality’s scales and collecting data to generate different reports for your company to foretell your next marketing and fully aware partners or clients. 


We are a web development company Saprit provide AMO CRM services to our customers. AMO CRM is an online service that helps enhance trade and convert more possible clients into buyers. The company uses an AMO CRM system for combining all programs and processes into a single ecosystem. Also, here everything revolves around the sales pipeline, potential clients and lead. AMO CRM developers main goal is constantly in touch with all marketing activities without missing any events. The majority of enterprises are implementing AMO CRM to not forget about anyone, record every customer and constantly lead them through all the sales stages of the pipeline up to the sale, which is why the trading tool pipeline is the main screen of the entire system. Entrepreneurs can gain the advantages of the modern, global market if they have websites with an appropriately set up AMO CRM system that converts people’s interests into deals and provide you with the chance to manages all the action on transparent CRM systems. AMO CRM pricing system is quite competitive and affordable for kinds of businesses. This system offers free testing time for two weeks without credit card requirements. AMO CRM has some plannings, and each plan billed annually for every single user per month. The cost of AMO CRM offered Basic plan the price starts from $15, the Advanced $25, and the price ends with Enterprise plan $25.