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The activity of buying or selling goods and services in all the countries of the world.

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Our goal - automate business around the world, making it more autonomous, efficient and profitable.

Saprit Team architects of online projects — web developers and integrators of CRM’s all rolled into one. You don’t need to look for several contractors. We’ll build your business «turnkey» without your constant control.

Since 2006, we have launched, maintained, automated and supported online business projects. During this time, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for 320 clients, successfully implementing more than 650 projects for them. We not only create new projects, but also support existing ones!

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For what amoCRM need for business?

AmoCRM recognises as one of the most workable solutions to enhance the volume of sales transactions. With amoCRM, organisations will not lose leads because the system captures all possible clients across all your lead generation courses. Enterprise creates lead to searching its targetted clients on the marking, then when customers react to your business set up leads they came to your system. The subsequent action connects with conversing with them by integrated amoCRM platform. This platform assists you to establish effective communication with your clients. amoCRM allows users to interact on their convenient social media platforms and keep you connected with clients, partners and co-workers. amoCRM provides many different communication channels, and regardless of where your customer you stay in touch with them anytime.

The advantages of amoCRM integration

Automate sales

AmoCRM is business software that stimulates industries to sell more quickly and intelligently.amoCRM provided tool support sellers boost trade traffic in a short amount of time. The idea behind it is to help you actively work with leads across all channels. It does this by taking all chances from every channel and automatically progressing them through the sales pipeline to drive more sales.

Use as unification tool.

AmoCRM also completely support controlling relationships with every client and ensure every lead is active. amoCRM is a single ecosystem that allows your website to connect with various external software and operate numerous enterprise activities. amoCRM integration is the message-driven CRM system and considers a worldwide most usable popular software because its features enable receiving messages, emails, and calls from multiple interactive channels. Business web pages set up amoCRM to personalised one-to-one interaction with every customer.

Automate your business

This service provided automated features that allow arranging lead adequately and observing all prospects through the pipeline to turn and opportunities to deal. amoCRM delivers endless possibilities to communicate with customers from different messaging platforms; it makes close customers to their vendors. On top of that, amoCRM generated various types of reports like analytical reports and automated repetitive works. With an innovative CRM system, enterprises can systematically organise some activities, automate others, and constantly find the appropriate time with their clients and respond to their needs.

AmoCRM integration helps optimising tasks management, centralising the history of interaction with each client and making collaboration easy by providing built-in chat and other tools, keeping the team up to date with notifications. System assists to measures all your past and current business actions to produce statistics adapt sales strategy, and sell smarter.

Best for

The main idea behind designing amoCRM lay in managing your leads, allocating your assignments, and facilitating trades representative’s trading operations. As a supervisor, you will have complete authority over your organisation or employees and pipeline with extremely vivid, exact analytics and monitoring tools.

During the production period, to catch customers attention to a particular product, find targeted clients and be aware of them is a complicated deal of actions for any business. Grounding this reason, programmers developed amoCRM to respond to e-commerce demanded requirements and help to distinguish your clients and offer precisely their needed presence. amoCRM developers deeply grasp that integration with other platforms can expand business capabilities and generate constant income. Web developers connect your website with different web pages through API to link the lead with a particular site visitor.

AmoCRM developers highlighted amoCRM’s top 5 advantages, which designed to boost the sellouts.

  1. Unified voice and text messaging tools

The interface of this interactive platform specially included varied interaction channels that allow sales reps to connect with their clients either by calling or sending text messages for customers convenient time. Salespeople from a single platform can observe either the past corporate dialogue with clients or current conversations. The innovative system of this platform automatically stores all customer-related information in the system memory. By uniting intercommunication tools in a single platform, your sales reps save effort to find a suitable time to interact with consumers. The platform’s automated system distinguishes the prospective lead later to keep them to the information house after callings.

The programme’s automated system distinguishes the client’s status after interacting with them; if the system sees the prospects of that lead sent it to the pipeline to further engagement. With amoCRM, your stay connected with needed people enables you to systematically organise your working system, automate half of the tasks, get analytical reports, forecast your forthcoming feature, and manage personnel.

  1. AmoCRM sales bot

amoCRM offered bot is a necessary function for any written communication sales company. A broad array of operations allows the Sales bot to manage your clients’ first steps when connected to you through messengers. amoCRM sales bot can actively contract with clients to respond to their questions automatically. amoCRM sales bot designed to interact with clients who come to your site by following leads from mass media platforms. At this point, the role of the leads is to draw the targeted clients, and the sales bot responsible for replying to their inquiries automatically to keep their retention; then sales rep can continue this chat.

  1. Record business talks and get info

Once the sales team receive a person-to-person call, the recording of your conversation automatically saves to your client’s profile. Custom-related information is automatically attached to the leads card, and those who need this info can use it anytime. amoCRM system sensible when you open a new deal the programme system automatically delivers information about the advertising source: channel, ads and campaigns.

All collected data used for further course of action either create reports or forecast the next step.

  1. Produce new leads automatically

Mainly amoCRM is used to set up appropriate leads to bringing customers to the system and turn this lead into possible clients and offer our company produced production. Enterprise sites that integrate with amoCRM enable to log in all calls in the lead card. If a company need to get some info about the customer, sales reps can check customers profile and see the history of their communication. The system creates a separate lead card for each call or message, and the other process continues on the pipeline and leads accompanied by sales reps until closing the deal. CRM system presents all departments working effectiveness, and business leaders have access to monitor all actions from their accounts.

  1. Stay informed

The automated system systematically arranges all your business events, and when you have to do business-related events, the amoCRM informs you before the set time. This business conducting assistant tool automatically pops up a notification if you skip some activities or do not have a reasonable chance to chat away. While some customers call you, the system generates leads and collected all customer-related information. If a new customer makes a call, the system opens a new profile and saves all your calls and messages with that client; this way, the sales rep will not confuse serving many customers within a day. The amoCRM system notifies client-based information and not allowing you to miss any business events.

AmoCRM review

amoCRM needs to set up adequate ads on lead to reach our target consumers, then leads draw clients we need work smarter to close the deal successfully. amoCRM offered a digital pipeline to provide a diplomatic approach to every customer. Customers who care about the system through leads move the digital channel. Sales reps adjust email automation settings for a particular customer and automated emails sent to them at a suitable time. The next stage goes on tracking clients behaviour on social media and there show their ads. The final step is to end; meanwhile, customers find the ideal time to deal with your company.

AmoCRM contact form 7 is plugin integration with WordPress makes it easy to send all formed data from contact 7 to the amoCRM system. People in marketing use frequently use this type of integration to design their site on a free platform. Also, the features of WordPress easily customisable and presents a variety of webpage design templates.

WordPress estimates as a popular platform globally for building your website, and its plugin function allow it to unite with amoCRM. Its main priority is connecting you with all business-related people, and this messenger based feature makes it much easier to be close with your clients.

AmoCRM pricing

The platform offers its free plan to new users for two weeks. During these 14 days, you can recognise how far does this program suit your enterprise demands. The price of this program depends on the plan you intend to apply for your enterprise. If you decided to employ this software, you should be ready to pay for a yearly subscription plan once a year because the plans are billed annually, per user, monthly. The cost of plans starts from $15 ends at $45; plans are Base $15, Advanced $25, Enterprise $45.