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B2B portal (dealer site) functional online store, electronic trading platform (ETP), a corporate website or a portal of suppliers with an interactive catalog

designed for the business segment (purchases are made in large quantities and contracts are concluded for a long time).

For manufacturers and suppliers, the B2B platform acts as a representative office and an online store where you can place your goods for sale, find partners and buyers. Distributors and wholesalers through B2B-portals are comfortable in making deals, controlling the balance, payment schedule and delivery times.

The portal allows you to integrate with internal accounting systems (ERP and CRM), external e-commerce platforms and sites. In your personal account, the user can place a quick order by article, request a reconciliation report (via the form, directly to the accountant), see the account balance and debts (with notifications by phone or mail), history of settlements and orders, warranty and service statements, and also see training materials.

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After the completion of the project, we continue to assist you in scaling and resolving any issues.

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Your location in another country is not a problem for us. We work with customers from all over the world.

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We have implemented projects of a high level of complexity (1000+ hours of development) with solutions that are no longer on the market.

Leave a request and we will do a free audit of your business processes!

Our team has great expertise in many niches, which allows us to make consultations based on rich production experience.

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B2B portals

Advantages of the B2B portal:

  • Advantages of the B2B portal:

    Customers will no longer take the time of your sellers to clarify the balance, debt, shipment status and availability of goods. They will be able to independently track the order through a website or an automatic notification system, and managers will focus on their main goal - to sell.

  • Workflow automation

    The user asks the manager several times to send the same document, and having lost it, requests it again? Now all the necessary information will be stored at the client "at hand" in a special file storage.

  • All in one place 24/7

    Personal access will give customers the opportunity to independently create price lists, orders and advance payments, as well as see new arrivals, promotions and company news. Users will be able to perform a useful action on the site at any time of the day.

  • Complaint

    The client can send a personal notification to the manager with one click about the poor quality of the goods (for example, damaged packaging) or about the delay in delivery time.

  • Individual access levels

    The B2B portal allows implementing two levels of access for the “personal account”: the main manager and manager-employee (with separation of access rights).

  • Flexible conditions for customers

    A client can register both an individual and a legal entity (the access level and pricing policy depend on this).

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Our goal - automate business around the world, making it more autonomous, efficient and profitable.

Saprit Team architects of online projects — web developers and integrators of CRM’s all rolled into one. You don’t need to look for several contractors. We’ll build your business «turnkey» without your constant control.

Since 2006, we have launched, maintained, automated and supported online business projects. During this time, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for 320 clients, successfully implementing more than 650 projects for them. We not only create new projects, but also support existing ones!

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