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B2B portal (dealer site) functional online store, electronic trading platform (ETP), a corporate website or a portal of suppliers with an interactive catalog

designed for the business segment (purchases are made in large quantities and contracts are concluded for a long time).

For manufacturers and suppliers, the B2B platform acts as a representative office and an online store where you can place your goods for sale, find partners and buyers. Distributors and wholesalers through B2B-portals are comfortable in making deals, controlling the balance, payment schedule and delivery times.

The portal allows you to integrate with internal accounting systems (ERP and CRM), external e-commerce platforms and sites. In your personal account, the user can place a quick order by article, request a reconciliation report (via the form, directly to the accountant), see the account balance and debts (with notifications by phone or mail), history of settlements and orders, warranty and service statements, and also see training materials.

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After the completion of the project, we continue to assist you in scaling and resolving any issues.

We work with everyone

Your location in another country is not a problem for us. We work with customers from all over the world.

Own staff of developers

We have implemented projects of a high level of complexity (1000+ hours of development) with solutions that are no longer on the market.

Leave a request and we will do a free audit of your business processes!

Our team has great expertise in many niches, which allows us to make consultations based on rich production experience.

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B2B portals

Advantages of the B2B portal:

  • Advantages of the B2B portal:

    Customers will no longer take the time of your sellers to clarify the balance, debt, shipment status and availability of goods. They will be able to independently track the order through a website or an automatic notification system, and managers will focus on their main goal - to sell.

  • Workflow automation

    The user asks the manager several times to send the same document, and having lost it, requests it again? Now all the necessary information will be stored at the client "at hand" in a special file storage.

  • All in one place 24/7

    Personal access will give customers the opportunity to independently create price lists, orders and advance payments, as well as see new arrivals, promotions and company news. Users will be able to perform a useful action on the site at any time of the day.

  • Complaint

    The client can send a personal notification to the manager with one click about the poor quality of the goods (for example, damaged packaging) or about the delay in delivery time.

  • Individual access levels

    The B2B portal allows implementing two levels of access for the “personal account”: the main manager and manager-employee (with separation of access rights).

  • Flexible conditions for customers

    A client can register both an individual and a legal entity (the access level and pricing policy depend on this).

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Our goal

Our goal - automate business around the world, making it more autonomous, efficient and profitable.

Saprit Team architects of online projects — web developers and integrators of CRM’s all rolled into one. You don’t need to look for several contractors. We’ll build your business «turnkey» without your constant control.

Since 2006, we have launched, maintained, automated and supported online business projects. During this time, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for 320 clients, successfully implementing more than 650 projects for them. We not only create new projects, but also support existing ones!

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Expand your brand by partnering with Saprit.

Saprit digitally transforms your enterprise with its B2B e-commerce portal and CRM systems. B2b portal revolutionised the way how the business conducts. Supernatural things occur when b2b portals are encouraged people to connect online to meet their interests. We delivered

B2B portal development services to digitally transform your enterprise to expand sales, improve customer service, and modernise content distribution. We employ highly educated and experienced tech experts who can contribute b2b platform in all complexity. Our proficient team offered various b2b related services to ensure its quality stands for international standards. Our technical team is reasonably competent at actively optimising your online e-commerce site into the central collaboration platform to generate more income and promote your business activities. As an experienced B2B web portal development company, we stimulate businesses to collaborate with customers and quickly close deals, control purchases and deliveries, and proceed with all of it in real-time. Our partners are confident collaborating with us because they know that all complex b2b processes are possible with the offered services, and our team on your business side help those pieces fall into place.

 Why your choice should fall on us?

  • Web site development at any complexity
  • Generated over 500 digital products
  • Building websites for about 11 years in the IT field

Sprit presented solutions specially designed for the complexity of b2b businesses. With our company delivered service, enterprises get a robust set of native b2b functionality. B2b enterprise format of development is getting used as a worldwide sales platform; consequently, the sellout process proceeded stopless. In web developing marketing, only experienced web constructing companies such as Saprit create a business site from scratch, which will double the size of your online consumers. Many people globally not only feel confident purchasing items online, but they also prefer it. Our flexible open-source strategy and unique features allow our platforms to cover all businesses gaps. Enable customers to control purchasing prospects for managing the corporate account and reviewing the past and feature orders requesting quotes.

On the b2b platform, we systematically put in order all categories of product catalogues.

The menu items are fully customisable by the administration of the website.

We are offering three types of product catalogues for e-business websites.

  • Categories.
  • Subcategories.
  • Product profile.

Our company illustrates products on e-commerce sites in three shapes.

  1. Bar
  2. List
  3. Table

We attach the needed files around the products.

  • Instructions.
  • Drivers.
  • Certificate.
  • Presentations.

 We submitted two sorts of product profiles.

The profile of the company displays an order list of the company.

Employees profile shows their orders.

We produced a b2b e-commerce portal that has two ways of access.

  1. The lain leader of enterprise
  2. Tema leaders of enterprise

 We designed a b2b software’s order page to provide info like this.

  • Promotions
  • Balance information
  • Payment schedule
  • Widget «personnel manager.»
  • List of recent orders
  • List of the latest portal news
  • List of available materials
  • Block of additional notifications for the cabinet

    Our B2b developing scenario

    We produced specific b2b features like managing corporate customer accounts, offering custom pricing for negotiated contracts and supporting multiple user logins to prevent personal account and password sharing among employees. We facilitate the complex business-to-business web development processes by connecting with our customers and clarifying all needed moments like price, layouts and features. Our b2b format of platform development passes several stages before site generating processes begin.

    • Investigating

    Our team investigate your business marketing and customers to understand their pain point and present they seeking services or items.

    • Planning

    A group of tech specialists gather together to sketch the layout of your digital project and plan programming languages according to your business demands.

    • Testing

    The ready project passes several testing processes, and only after testers approve its quality, it can launch its operation.

    • Tech support after launching

    After releasing your product to your company serving the marketing, our technical team provide support or help to add needed features for your website.

    We built a B2B portal that will integrate multiple systems like ERP, CRM, and other tools that streamline their back-office tasks and make it easy for their teammates to do their duties.

    We also integrate b2b e-commerce platforms with ERP systems to run essential businesses activities like inventory, order management, accounting, CRM and HR. ERP software provides all of these various functions and integrates them into one complete system. B2b e-commerce ERP integration make them all work well together; as a result,

    • streamlined business processes
    •  information importance raised
    • increased collaboration across the entire organisation

    The fundamental features of ERP have shared databases that support multiple functions, and the whole company can use this information

    The importance of CRM in b2b markets

    We highly experience setting CRM for sales to speed up sales and marketing to develop a strategical marketing strategy to attract more targeted customers. CRM is like a fuel tool for e-business to gain rapid success, but it does not work correctly without correct adjustment with skilled professionals. Grounding this reason, our qualified team members can adequately set it based on your enterprise style.

    We ensure that we arranged CRM for marketing to improve and optimise customer relationships to drive customer loyalty, maintenance, recognition, revenue, and customer lifetime value.

    • We provided CRM superior services draw and retaining customers customs. Integrated CRM systems are the fuel that meets user satisfaction, customer loyalty and sales in the B2B market.
    • B2b market requires CRM to track customers websites using behaviours and purchase making habits. Our experts’ skills set the CRM system, which will perfectly cover all your business demands.
    • CRM integration needs businesses to gather information about customers because this data serves as a sales-driving guidebook. We adjusted CRM systems to capture frontline data that help identify customers enthusiasm or other emotional states and presumable root causes for each action a user performs on the website.
    • CRM integrations can automate and optimise many marketing duties such as automatic emails, discount offers and mobile marketing messages or send further information about products of interest and essential language of CRM automation based on advertising-related communications. Moreover, sending alerts and reminders based on dates, seasons, holidays, customer deadlines.

    Our serves include the best CRM for b2b supports a broad range of automation to boost productivity and oversimplify workflow.

    We appreciate our customers time and use AI to automate their manual, repetitive tasks to provide them extra spare time. We especially integrate CRM to your web page to constantly attract new customers by automatically establishing landing pages on different social media platforms. The leads generated prospects come to the system. Then the automated CRM system sends emails or business proposals to the customer, and customers pass throughout the pipeline until deals end successfully. B2b e-commerce platform developing agency Saprit use a CRM automation system based on your business needs and make it easy for your team to turn prospects into actual customers and close deals successfully. CRM b2b marketing applies for e-commerce businesses to manage the relationship with their customers throughout the customer lifecycle. CRM offered tools to build loyal relationships with clients, assemble customers’ net using behaviours, and process this information to set marketing strategies and tactics to attract more customers.

    Customer Relationship Management for b2b sales

    We offered sales CRM for b2b e-commerce business to a set of digital tools to convert your sales process. And control every customer data, and connect it all in a central platform to stimulate your business drive forward.

    • Lead management

    This type of management improved the quality of sales pipeline management to capture routes and manage leads.

    • Configure price and quote

    Establish price and quote capabilities to help sales reps personally personalised their pitches and deliver accurate quotes.

    • CRM analytics

    Analytical data of CRM is an insight-based sales prediction and create accurate sales reports.

    • Salesforce Automation

    Self-regulation is a practical resource of systematic planning that encourages sales reps to do every business activity on time without any delays. Salesforce automation to manage your calendars, tasks, prompts, alerts and quotes.

    • Collaboration tool

    The collaboration tool enables you to connect with teammates through discussions, file sharing and task assignments. Collaboration tools pose tremendous value for remote working employees.

    •  Connected

    CRM combine sales, marketing and customer services altogether to carry out fantastic customer services.

    We proposed B2B Business Development services.

    • To make easy the management process;
    • To accumulate, analyse and manage customer data that might extract anytime, anywhere;
    • to optimise all business procedures and automate tasks;
    • To render consecutive customer support;
    • To decrease sales loops and circles;
    • To stimulate business extension and success;

    By collaborating with us, business partners will gain the following benefits by trusting our services and team.

    •  We developed software the data is protected, including passwords;
    •  We use UX/UI design tools for product visualisation in the catalogue.
    • We integrate a payment transferring platform to receive multi-currency, and buyers can use any online payment system convenient for them;
    • We presented comprehensive e-commerce solutions are combined in full cycled to automate all the business operations;
    • We create a system that allows sharing or download of documents.
    • Our agency developed software to provide business opportunities to monitor deals and operations for transparently leading your enterprise;
    • Transactions operate around the clock.

    Saprit presented B2b e-commerce portal has numerous privileges.

    • Increasing the efficiency of your business operation process minimises labour-intensive; consequently, the quality of customer service will improve.
    • Enhance productivity and competitiveness
    • B2b website provides the customer non-stop access to all products.
    • Reduce the time spent on phone calls consultations.

    Saprit offered various services devoted to enhancing revenue and establish effective interconnection with customers. Our b2b e-commerce portal developing company includes web drafting services like

    CRM implementation

    We set CRM integration services to the b2b platform to make easy contact management. With a CRM b2b system, employees can upload consumer details to the database, prioritise business activities, get reminders of important calls and meetings. The company saves each piece of client information and extracts it when needed. CRM system encourages enterprises to sell their product to the targeted consumers repeatedly and systematically make sellout operations using leads, pipeline and interaction tools.

    CRM Bitrix24

    The aim of CRM Bitrix24 services is to collaborate buyers with sellers. CRM Bitrix24 brings together all your team members and customers in a single platform to supervise your employees and communicate with customers.Bitrx24CRM is a unified software for your documentation, tasks and contacts. B2B platforms apply bitrix24 to organically manage their business and be familiar with their customers’ product selecting choices. So CRM Bitrix24 poses tremendous value for companies which has a distinct business vision.

    Website development

    Our b2b portal development company generate websites in complexity to diverse industry. We are programming your digital projects and design websites to increase user experience and boost your selling traffic. Our experienced team know how to optimise your website in the searching engines to attract more actual customers to enhance sales. Our team construct your website design based on your business obligations and taking into consideration your customers preferences. The interface of we produced software will produce your company image and authority. And the features are easily customisable, and the dashboard is user-centric. Entrepreneurs constantly can organise marketing programs for their customers to accelerate their trade. Developing a website with us is an immediate and reliable step toward an e-business environment.

    Individual projects

    One of our services is to generate individual software for different business purposes. Personal projects need for those who have a unique business idea which not exists in real life. Our team is pretty knowledgeable to realise our customer’s unusual concepts in real life. The programming language, website design and functionality formed out entirely differently. B2b e-commerce software development is precisely for those who have uncommon business ideas; we support them and turn their business idea into a profitable source of income.

    Business card site

    B2b portals offer numerous products and services to highlight the value of a particular item and persuade your customers to make an immediate purchase. Business leaders rely on our tech companies specialists’ experience to arrange business cards properly because our team knows how to create meaningful, straightforward and eye-catching designs. And our experienced team know how to make the content of landing pages and how it is set on social media websites to gain much profit. B2b portal users concentration easily fall to the call to action business card, and without long consideration, they are buying it. Our experts investigate your users’ platform usage habits to design every business card element in harmony to hit the needed customers.

    Corporate website

    Copropret website development and corporate website design is an initial part of taking the step into a competitive e-trading environment. Enterprises can only foster growth when expanding their customer experience and arrange the right internet marketing strategy. Corporate websites encourage customers to increase their brand awareness and speed up their trade. As a leading corporate web design agency, Saprit specialises in growing companies online presence. Our team includes gifted experts who can build a corporate website from the ground up and tweak them for optimised results.

    Online store

    We are developing an online shop to help enterprises drive customer satisfaction, grow audiences, and enhance trade. Our B2b portal developing agency carry out an online shop generating service to display your categorised product catalogue elegantly on the home page of your site, automate your sales to sell all clock round, and fix healthy relation with customers. We are a top e-commerce software developing company capable of managing distinct e-trading projects of varying complexities and in many domains.

    B2b portal

    We deliver the most stable, secure business B2b portal solution for renewing your e-commerce practices. With our b2b portal development services, your business will reach infinite possibilities to develop, innovate and expand—our expertise user current technologies to craft innovative storefronts which will attract many customers to drive tour sales. We produce b2b portals that are much engaging and user-oriented for varied business sectors universally.


    We integrated amoCRM to your b2b e-business software to power your sales with messaging, run more leads for sales, and mobile version of CRM to end the deals whenever you are. We presented amoCRM as a business tool that is fitting for all situations. The main feature of amoCRM is its power that puts your sales on auto mode to make non-stop sales without human interactions.

    Saprit b2b portal developing agency delivered a quality solution within a tight deadline. With our dedicated and reliable team, more dif deeper get e-commerce services. We are quite capable of improving the performance of your e-commerce website according to your business dreams. We provided services includes.

    • E-commerce consoltation

    We take deliberate steps while providing our best consulting services. Our professional team guide you in technology consulting, business optimisation consulting, marketing entry consulting and more.

    • E-commerce auditing

    The audit is the first deciding step, and this is a crucially important part of our job. We discuss the detail of your online business platforms scalability, key features, integration, and technologies during audit time. We presented an audit plan based on your business objectives and interests.

    • Performance optimisation

    We apply cutting-edge technology to increase the speed of load time of your e-business website. Improved performance permit your customers to browse more products and male purchases at once only without slowdown.