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CRM system for your business, combining all programs and processes into a single ecosystem.
CRM Bitrix24

CRM Bitrix24

We will comprehensively implement Bitrix24 in your business: audit, installation, automation of business processes, improvements, training and technical support.

Leave a request and we will do a free audit of your business processes!

Our team has great expertise in many niches, which allows us to make consultations based on rich production experience.

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CRM implementation

Benefits of CRM:

  • Client Base Security

    CRM provides a mode of limited access to a full client base - now the company will not be affected if the manager leaves the competitors.

  • Control tools

    CRM will help introduce a regulated work standard for all employees. Read reports, track the number of calls, meetings and closed by transaction managers. Keep up to date with everything that happens in your company.

  • Increase loyalty

    According to Rockefeller Corporation statistics, with a poor level of service, 68% of customers go to another contractor. The CRM database has all the necessary information to locate a demanding customer (name, birthday, interests, last order).

  • Customer Value Classification

    Pareto’s Law states: “20% of valuable customers bring 80% of the company's revenue, while the remaining 80% only 20%." ABC classification of counterparties will help to differentiate the importance of lead for your organization.

  • Ease of implementation

    When the first CRM systems appeared, the installation process required several specialists and took weeks, or even months. In 2017, the cloud edition is registered in just three mouse clicks in the browser.

  • Cost savings

    CRM is equipped with a wide range of capabilities (from telephony to cloud storage) - this saves significant amounts on staff, data loss, customer loyalty, phone calls and software.

  • Business processes

    Solving organizational issues within the company will help business processes. These are algorithms (scripts) that automate the work of each department. For example, an employee cannot go on vacation until he completes all active tasks or receives confirmation from all managers.

  • Time saving

    CRM increases the productivity of managers several times. All information about the client, transaction and project is stored in one place. No need to rummage through the computer (Disk D -> “New Folder No. 39”), leaf through the history of mail or Skype in search of the coveted contract.

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Our goal - automate business around the world, making it more autonomous, efficient and profitable.

Saprit Team architects of online projects — web developers and integrators of CRM’s all rolled into one. You don’t need to look for several contractors. We’ll build your business «turnkey» without your constant control.

Since 2006, we have launched, maintained, automated and supported online business projects. During this time, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for 320 clients, successfully implementing more than 650 projects for them. We not only create new projects, but also support existing ones!

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