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Bitrix24 - is a system with a complete set of tools for organizing the work of the company.

With B24 it is possible to lead projects, set tasks, delegate and control deadlines.

The program replaces the company’s social network, bringing employees from different parts of the world into a single ecosystem, allowing them to make audio and video calls, share files, schedule meetings, conduct marketing activities.

The CRM-system will help you manage sales and improve your customer relationships. No appeal or application will be lost. The CRM itself leads the customer through the funnel: from cold contact to successful transaction. Under your processes, you will be able to make individual offers in different segments, re-sell and attract new customers.

B24 allows you to view management reports, both across departments and individual employees. The manager will be able to evaluate at any time the real situation in the company for any department, employee or task, which in aggregate affects the overall result.

Free Consultation

Trial version

We install a free version of the product? so that you can test it before making a purchasing decision.

Distance learning

We conduct distance learning for employees from other cities and countries.

Own staff of developers

We have implemented projects of a high level of complexity (1000+ hours of development) with solutions that are no longer on the market.

Leave a request and we will do a free audit of your business processes!

Our team has great expertise in many niches, which allows us to make consultations based on rich production experience.

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CRM Bitrix24

We carry out work on Bitrix24 full cycle:

  • Implementation of CRM "from scratch"

    You've come to the point that you need CRM, but don't know yet where to start? Our business consultants are ready to point you in the right direction, analyze your business and help create a fully automated ecosystem of the company.

  • Audit and automation of business processes

    Do your employees spend a lot of time doing the same tasks, and a simple application for time off / leave turns into 10 circles of hell? Or maybe you have more global tasks to automate the work of multiple departments into one? Our business analysts are ready to break into your business and create a step-by-step algorithm for working for the entire company or individual departments.

  • Software improvements (customization)

    Your business is large-scale, you have got enough to work in 10 different programs, and you want everything to be in one place? And can you have non-standard business processes where cloud solutions do not allow you to scale? Then our programmers are ready to modify the CRM box version completely for your tasks.

  • Training

    Your CRM is ready, there are many interface features in front of you, but how to use them? Our business consultants are ready to conduct a training program to help learn new technology. There are ready-made training packages as well as individual requests.

  • When consultations, technical assistance or customization are required

    our specialists are ready to help. As with training, you can consider ready-made technical support packages, as well as individual requests.

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Our goal

Our goal - automate business around the world, making it more autonomous, efficient and profitable.

Saprit Team architects of online projects — web developers and integrators of CRM’s all rolled into one. You don’t need to look for several contractors. We’ll build your business «turnkey» without your constant control.

Since 2006, we have launched, maintained, automated and supported online business projects. During this time, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for 320 clients, successfully implementing more than 650 projects for them. We not only create new projects, but also support existing ones!

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Bitrix24 – a set of tools for successful business

Competitions in all spheres of business make us seriously think about the operation of the whole company. Any owner wants his/her employees to do the job better, submit reports on time, and spend less time on routine tasks. So, these goals are quite difficult to achieve without the use of modern tools. In this regard, bitrix24 in London is becoming increasingly popular and solves a huge number of business owner problems. Because it contains a complete set of tools that is necessary for the operation of both a small company and a large corporation.

➥ What is CRM Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a combination of a whole range of tools that are necessary for the daily activities of any company. Documents, reports, customer data, correspondence with customers and employees will be stored in one place. You no longer need to open multiple messengers, e-mail and Skype. Also, you can work with documents not only from your workplace but even from a smartphone. All you need is just have access to the system.

What features does CRM Bitrix24 have?

Here you can find all the necessary tools for your work:

  • the ability to save all information about your customers directly in the system;
  • lead creation, sales funnel;
  • performance of work tasks: creation and task control;
  • working hours control;
  • storage of documents in one place.

For your comfort, 24 CRM has common settings that can be applied to the whole team. Also, you can make separate settings for each employee if you need it. For example, you can set time tracking, reporting, access to documents and so on.

Besides, Bitrix24 provides such features:

  • call control, including missed calls;
  • case planner on the calendar;

And notice this is not the whole list of tools that are collected in this system. Do not forget that here you can still conveniently communicate with employees. The live feed displays all the news, so you can write messages and even make video calls.

24 CRM Features

When you choose a system for your work, you need to consider all the subtleties of its operation, all advantages, and disadvantages.

So, the list of advantages:

  • A huge number of opportunities for work. In addition to the standard set of tools, it is possible to personally customize business processes. But you should understand that pricingCRM Bitrix24 of this type is higher.
  • Ability to choose a convenient package for yourself. Each of the tariffs differs in the number of registered users, capabilities, number of tools. There is even free CRM Bitrix24in the cloud version. So you can try to work with a limited package and then choose theappropriate one.
  • Easy to use. You will have no difficulty in learning the system. But if there are any misunderstandings, you can also turn to specialists for their help and they will train your staff to work with the system.
  • Ability to customize. All tools are universal, but if you have such a need, our specialists can carry out individual customization for your business processes.

List of disadvantages:

  • Some users do not like the need to make individual settings. But implementation Bitrix 24 will not take too much time, especially when you entrust this work to professionals. Just explain the specifics of your business and what tools you need for work.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to conduct training CRM Bitrix24 for employees to understand all the features of the system. But it won’t take so much time.

As you see, you can easily cope with these minuses. But you just need a little more time.

➥ Which type of CRM Bitrix in London to choose?

Developers offer 2 versions:

  • cloud;
  • self-hosted.

These versions have the same basic set of tools, but the additional features are significantly different. Therefore, you should learn more about what is Bitrix24 CRM in detail.

Cloud version

Many users consider it as an online service. Access to the customer is provided via the Internet. For work, you do not need to install software on a PC. Also, you do not need constant support from specialists.

List of advantages:

  • You can work not only in the office but also at home or in a coffee house. All you need is to have good internet.
  • You will need a minimum of effort to start using the system. This is great for companies that are just starting a business. The simplest settings. So in most cases, training CMR Bitrix24 is not required. If you need help, specialists will always help.

List of disadvantages:

  • You need to pay a monthly fee every month or year. Method of payment specified in advance.
  • Data will be stored on Bitrix24 servers.
  • Many limited features.

Self-hosted version

This is a server solution. You pay for the license only once. But remember that developers give you only the program itself, and you need to configure it by yourself. To do this, you will need the support of specialists. Also, you need to have a server or hosting.

List of advantages:

  • Ability to set individual rights for each employee.
  • The most advanced functionality for work.
  • Complete protection of data stored on your server.

List of disadvantages:

  • You should take care of special equipment.
  • Certified professionals must configure and maintain system operation.

But this is not the whole list of features. Now you just have to understand, which version of the program you should choose. So, if you are just starting your business or have never had experience with a corporate portal, then the cloud version will be best for you. Moreover, there is a free CRM Bitrix24 version which you can try for free.

The self-hosted version is suitable for large corporations or companies that care about data security. Besides, it is suitable for those who have non-standard business solutions.

Remember that you can transfer all information from the cloud version to a self-hosted version whenever you want.

➥ Where you can order CRM Bitrix in London?

Today, many companies provide their services for the sale and implementation of self-hosted and cloud solutions. Naturally, they differ in offers and pricing.

If you want to choose a reliable partner for yourself, you should not focus only on prices. It is also important to pay attention to other factors:

  • whether partners have a professional certificate;
  • whether they only sell the product or also set it up and provide assistance if needed.

With Saprit, you won’t worry about such things. It is a reliable partner for long-term cooperation. If these arguments do not convince you, here are a few nice points:

  • We are engaged not only in sales but also in the implementation and support of the system.
  • We will train your employees on how to work with the system.
  • We have programmers on staff that have Bitrix professional certificates.
  • We have acceptable pricing CRM Bitrix24, which allows you to profitably choose the right tariff plan.

Do everything to make your business as successful and prosperous as possible!